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Broken Unity is the 73-page prequel to the Protectors of Xil series. Available for Kindle and as a PDF.

Hero or traitor? A courageous act leads to a desperate choice...

Thayne Highborn is a winged knight of Sylaros, a protector of the peace in the brutal, often savage world of Xil. Married to the High Sagemaster and blessed with a healthy child growing nicely into his flight feathers, Thayne’s life and career are on the rise.

But when a mysterious huntress leads him on a chase through the gloomy halls and unlit backways of Avionis Spire, Thayne unwittingly finds himself in a position to save the king’s infant daughter. Caught in a tangled web of interwoven fates, Thayne’s courageous act elevates him to the status of hero, while those he loves are thrown into dire peril.

Now he must choose between the king he is sworn to obey, and the family he is sworn to defend—with the lives of his wife and son hanging in the balance.

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